Selecting Land During the Home Buying Process

Buying your own home is the Australian Dream and also a monumental milestone in your life. As a first time home builder, selecting land can be intimidating as it’s something most have no experience with. But it doesn’t have to be as long as you follow simple advice.

Location and Amenities

When choosing land, the obvious priority is to choose a location that’s suitable for you and your family. Proximity to schools, shopping centres, libraries, and parks is an obvious plus. Commuting distance to work should be a prime factor as it’s a trip that will be made often. Access to public transportation such as buses or rail, or distance to the freeway should also be a key factor in consideration.

Choosing the right neighbourhood will also make a big impact on your future quality of life. Look at who your neighbours will be, if they share a similar different lifestyle or are a completely different demographic. Research property values and stay abreast of ongoing news and any projects underway to get feel for whether the neighbourhood will grow in value or not.

Suitability for Building

Once you have found land at a location you like, it’s important to check its suitability for building a home. Level land with easy access will make the construction process much smoother, whereas building on steep ground can increase building costs. You should also consider the ease of connecting power, water, sewerage, internet, and other basic services.

Trees and large vegetation on the land make a difference as they can impact views and sunlight, as well as where the house can be built. Removing trees costs money and may be subject to council approval. Orientation matters as well. If the land allows you to position living areas facing north, it can maximise sunlight and help reduce energy costs.

Soil quality will need to be checked to make sure the land is suitable for building. Potential for flooding should also be checked as it can affect insurance availability and costs.

House and Land Packages

An alternative to finding vacant land yourself is to purchase a House and Land (H&L) package from a builder. With a house and land package, the land has already been picked out by the builder and confirmed as suitable for construction of a home. You still get choice over the location of the home and orientation.

In addition, an H&L package can be cheaper than choosing land yourself and then contracting a builder, as the land has already been analysed and checked to be suitable for building property. Builders often offer House and Land at a discount and will even offer special financing exclusive to these package deals.

Project Home

Once you’ve found the land, the decision comes down to whether you want to build a custom or project home. Building a completely custom home is a nice goal, but is often expensive and troublesome to build. Project homes, or homes with pre-planned designs, are a good alternative.

Project builders can leverage bulk pricing on materials and labor to help cut costs. Most project builders offer a variety of designs which can then be further customised to your tastes. With a completely custom home everything is done one-off and complications can arise. With project homes, the builder has much more experience in building each design and the building process will be much smoother.

Choosing land is one of the first and most important parts of building a new home. If you have any questions about selecting vacant land or any other part of the building process, feel free to contact FHOC’s friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.