Working with your Home Builder

Entering into a building contract isn’t like buying a shirt, it’s entering a long term relationship with a company that will build the home you’ll live in. How do you find a good builder and how do you work with them best so your property is built on time with minimum fuss? 

The following are a few tips to keep in mind as you work with your home builder.

Shop Smart

There are plenty of builders out there willing to make a home, but reputable builders who can deliver on their promises are harder to find. Make sure the builders you look at are registered and certified. Look up their reviews or ask to contact previous customers and ask about their experiences.
It’s tempting to buy the cheapest home, but beware of what you are getting, or not getting, with that low price. Many disreputable builders will be vague on their exclusions, leaving home buyers paying much more than they bargained for to get the home they want.

Builders who are transparent and upfront about their building process are generally the better deal in the long term, as you won’t be paying for things you thought were included in the plan.

Hire a Project Builder

A big decision for new home builders is whether to go with a custom builder to get exactly what you want or to go with a project home builder who builds homes based on a set of pre-planned home designs. While it can be tempting to go with a custom home builder for a first home, a project builder is a better bet.

With a project builder, you are able to visit their display homes and get a good idea of what you are getting even before the home is built. Project home builders benefit in terms of pricing as well as they are able to buy materials in bulk, saving individual homeowners quite a bit compared to one off designs.

You will also have a much better chance that your home is built on time and to a higher standard, as these home builders are extremely experienced in building their home designs.

Plan it Out

When entering into a contract with a builder, signing the contract means agreeing to the plan. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. With project home builders, look over the blueprints and understand the inclusions and exclusions as much as possible.

Looking at display homes can help you understand what certain inclusions are. Display homes don’t always reflect home designs 100% though, so ask your builder which features in the display home will cost extra.

Once you understand exactly how you want your future home to be, lay out all your exclusions and customizations before the contract is signed. Once the contract is entered into and building commences, further change orders will be difficult to accommodate, extending the build time and making things more expensive.

The home building process is involved but with the right preparation and the right builder it’s smooth sailing. Perth project home builder First Home Owners Centre (FHOC) has a wealth of experience. If you have any questions about the home building process or project homes, call us today.